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  • Are there courses in other languages?

    For now, all courses are only in English, we may translate them progressively in the coming months. Write us to [email protected] to help us prioritize some courses in French or German.

  • How can I follow a course?

    In order to access all the available trainings, simply create an account on this Academy platform. Go to your desired course(s) and click "Start"!

  • I have a Newzik account, do I need to sign up again?

    Yes, even if you are already a Newzik user, you must create an account on this Academy platform to access the courses. No worries, it takes only a few clicks! ;)

  • How to best use the search bar?

    The search bar is in the "all courses" section. Use keywords like "symbols", "librarian", jump", "rental" or "import"

  • How long does a course last?

    Our trainings vary between 15 mins (digital equipment, order from publisher...) and 45 mins (digital library, share material...). But in any case, you can skip quickly through the slides you already know!