What you will learn

  • Prepare scores

    Add bookmarks, bowings and media files to the material your share around!

  • Share material

    Learn how to make titles available to an entire group and how to collaborate in real-time.

  • Manage rights

    Protect your content, assign rights and easily invite members to your Newzik Projects.

What you will need

  • Newzik App

    Take your iPad, make sure to have Newzik installed and your account connected.

  • Newzik Web

    The simplest way to share content to a group and assign rights straight from your computer: web.newzik.com

  • A Newzik Library

    You must have some scores in your Newzik account. Check out the course about Digital Library if needed.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Creating a Project

    • Welcome

    • Reminder: Setlists & Projects

    • When should you choose a Project?

    • Setlist VS Project - TEST

    • Creating a Project

  • 2

    Preparing the scores

    • Preparing or sharing first?

    • Cuts, Parts, Crop: the biggest changes come first

    • Facilitate the navigation: Bookmarks & Jumps

    • Add Media Files

    • Prepare the bowings

    • Would you be a good librarian? Let's see! 😉

  • 3

    Sharing a Project

    • Sharing regular Projects

    • Organization Projects - 1/3 : overview

    • Organization Projects - 2/3 : creating and sharing

    • Organization Projects - 3/3 : admin rights

    • Projects - TEST

  • 4

    Collaborate in real-time

    • Collaboration and changes in a Project

    • Sharing markings in rehearsal

    • After the concert

    • Example: concertmaster changing bowings in rehearsal

    • What's next?


    • Did you like this course?