What you will learn

  • Understand Newzik

    Pieces, Setlists, Projects, Parts, Media Files: it will all be clear!

  • Import scores

    Discover the best ways to import your PDF files into Newzik and lay the first stone of your digital library.

  • Organize your library

    Discover the structure of the Newzik Library and how to best organize your scores.

What you will need

  • Newzik App

    Take your iPad, make sure to have Newzik installed and your account connected.

  • Newzik Web

    Your future best friend for creating a digital library straight from your computer: web.newzik.com

  • PDF sheet music

    You must have some scores in your Newzik account. One will be provided in the course if needed.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Newzik Library

    • Welcome

    • Why build a digital library in Newzik?

    • Supported formats & business model

    • Structure of the Newzik Library

    • Structure of a Piece in Newzik

    • Library - TEST

  • 2

    Importing material

    • Importing on your computer

    • Importing on your iPad

    • Scanning with...the scanner!

    • Adding Parts to an existing Piece

    • Adding Pages to an existing Piece (Rearrange)

    • Importing material - TEST

    • To go further: publisher content and media files

  • 3

    Organizing your Library

    • Searching through your library

    • Setlist or Project?


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