What you will learn

  • Use audio files

    Learn how to add audio files and play them to practice your music.

  • Discover Livescores

    A brief overview of how to use the "Livescores" system to learn your voice.

  • Collaborate

    Use the collaborative features of Newzik for efficient rehearsals in group!

What you will need

  • Newzik basics

    Make sure to follow the basics course before, to know how to find your scores, turn pages and annotate.

  • PDF sheet music

    You must have some scores in your Newzik account. One will be provided in the course if needed.

  • Your pencil

    A pencil is not mandatory, but we'll show you how to use it if you have one :-)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Practice with Newzik

    • Welcome

    • Why use Newzik as a singer?

    • Prepare the display

    • Enjoy the view!

    • Use Audio Files

    • LiveScores?

    • Generating LiveScores

    • How to practice with LiveScores?

  • 2

    Work with your choir

    • Before a rehearsal

    • Sharing markings in rehearsal

    • Example: choir director adding dynamics in rehearsal

    • During a rehearsal

    • After a rehearsal

    • Are you ready?