What you will learn

  • Find your music

    Open Newzik, find your desired part and navigate through your program

  • Navigate

    Turn the pages with ease

  • Annotate

    Mark-up your scores with colors, text, and more

What you will need

  • Your iPad with Newzik

    Take your iPad, make sure to have Newzik installed and your account connected.

  • PDF sheet music

    You must have some scores in your Newzik account. One will be provided in the course if needed.

  • Apple Pencil

    A pencil is not mandatory, but we'll show you how to use it if you have one :-)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cantante !

    • Welcome

    • Free Choral Piece

    • Hardware for singers

  • 2

    Organizing and finding scores in Newzik

    • Open and close the Newzik App

    • The Newzik Library: opening and closing a Score

    • Find your desired title

    • Find your voice in a multi-voice work

    • The scoreview menu bars in brief

    • Page turning made easy

    • Go through your music program

    • A quick test

  • 3

    Annotate your music

    • Start annotating

    • The annotation bar

    • Tips for annotating easily

    • Typing text

    • TEST - fundamentals of annotations