What you will learn

  • Understand publishers

    What can you order from publishers? What is copyrighted digital material?

  • Order scores

    Learn how to order digital material from publishers

  • Share protected material

    Share protected material the proper way to your orchestra, opera, school, choir...

What you will need

  • Newzik knowledge

    Master the basics of Newzik App to properly share material

  • Your computer

    Order material from your desktop

  • Professionalism

    Dealing with copyrights, publishers, contract negotiation is meant for adult users

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Ordering digital material

    • Dear librarian...

    • What is "digital material"?

    • Publishers on board

    • Ordering digital material

    • Ordering through Zinfonia

  • 2

    Receiving & sharing material

    • Receiving material 1/2: the delivery

    • Receiving material 2/2: opening the content

    • Sharing publisher material

  • 3

    Copyright protection

    • Authorized Users

    • The Watermark

    • Managing the Watermark

    • Renewing a contract

    • TEST - publisher material