What you will learn

  • Be fast

    Navigate quickly in your big vocal scores, full scores or piano reductions.

  • Add pages

    Insert blank pages and pictures in the most efficient way.

  • Manage cuts

    Handle your cuts, dal segnos and reprises like a pro.

What you will need

  • iPad

    Take your iPad, most of the advanced features are only in the App!

  • Big scores

    Navigating in a 1-page etude is easy; in a 400+ pages piano reduction, it's another story...

  • Master Newzik basics

    You must already know how to use Newzik (open scores, annotate) for this advanced course

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Navigation basics

    • Why use Newzik for big scores

    • For starters, page turning

    • Next Piece after last page

  • 2

    Navigation in big scores

    • Navigation 1/3 - Adjusting page numbers

    • Navigation 2/3 - Bookmarks

    • Navigation 3/3 - Miniatures & Go-To-Page

    • Navigation - TEST

  • 3

    Cuts, inserts, blank pages, photos

    • Cuts, reprises, da capos: the Jump feature

    • Adding and removing pages: the Rearrange mode

    • Adding photos: combining Jumps & Rearrange

    • Advanced navigation - TEST