What you will learn

  • Set-up your iPad

    Configure the best settings for using your iPad as a sheet music reader

  • Choose and use the best tools

    Select and pair your bluetooth pencil and foot pedal

  • Manage a fleet of iPads

    For organizations that have multiple iPads: MDM solutions, charging carts etc.

What you will need

  • iPad

    Take your iPad, or your whole fleet of iPads, and let's get ready to configure them!

  • Internet connection

    You must be online to properly set up your Apple ID and to download the Newzik App.

  • Your pencil and foot pedal

    A pencil and a foot pedal are not mandatory, but we'll show you how to pair them if you have some.


  • 1

    The musician's digital equipment overview: iPad, Pedals, Pencils...

    • 0 - All the equipment at a glance

    • 1 - The iPad: our recommendations

    • 1.2 - Special iPad covers

    • 2 - The annotation pencil: tips & instructions

    • 3 - The foot pedal: tips & instructions

    • 4 - Working with a fleet of iPads (opt.)

    • Hardware - TEST

  • 2

    Setting up your iPad & installing Newzik

    • 1 - Welcome to Apple: create your Apple ID

    • 2 - Brand new iPad : let's turn your device on

    • 3 - The best iPad settings for reading music

    • 4 - Installing and opening Newzik

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