What you will learn

  • Use layers

    Learn how to properly use layers, alone or in a group.

  • Annotate like a pro

    See examples of real opera and orchestra scores to learn the best practices.

  • advanced techniques

    Add emojis, create straight lines, use the white pen, copy-paste...

What you will need

  • iPad

    Annotating only works in the Newzik App for now.

  • Scores

    Have a few scores ready in your account to practice the different mark-up techniques.

  • Apple Pencil

    A pencil is not mandatory, but is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to annotating!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The fundamentals of digital annotations

    • Hello!

    • Start annotating

    • The annotation bar

    • The layers - the base of annotations and collaboration

    • Multiple layers

    • Sharing markings

    • TEST - fundamentals of annotations

  • 2

    Free-handed writing

    • Pens & Eraser

    • Highlighters

    • The white pen

    • Tips for annotating

  • 3

    Advanced techniques

    • Symbols

    • Typing text

    • The Lasso: selecting, moving and copy/pasting

    • The art of annotating: some real use cases

  • 4

    Next steps

    • Annotations in Newzik Web

    • Almost there

    • Are you a maestro of annotations?

    • Did you like this course?